Situations That Can Happen After Collection of Foot Imprint Box

After collecting back your Foot Imprint Box, two situations could happen.

  1. When your foot condition looks good, we will proceed with your order.
  2. When our orthotist found issues with your foot imprint or misalignment in foot structure, we will contact you for further discussion. You may need to visit TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center for further examination or consultation if necessary. If you have any X-Ray films that you would like to show our orthotist, please bring them along for the examination/consultation and notify our orthotist of any other conditions during discussion.If you would like to cancel the order after discussion, we will proceed with your request. However, we will charge $50 for the costs incurred to process your order and refund you the remaining payment of the total amount received for the order.